Hire a Personal Assistant in Highland Park, TX

If you’re always busy, a personal assistant is a valuable person to have around. This staff member can help fulfill a vast range of duties and responsibilities, so hire a personal assistant to see how they can help you in your busy life. Speak to Elite Alternatives about our thorough hiring process in Highland Park, TX, University Park and Preston Hollow today.

What Can a Personal Assistant Do for You?

A personal assistant works closely with you for any of your household needs.

Day-to-Day Duties

Do you need someone to handle the day-to-day aspects of your home? A personal assistant can:

  • Grocery shop and prepare meals
  • Run errands
  • Provide pet and child care
  • Transport family members to school and appointments
  • Do light housekeeping and gardening

Besides household duties, personal assistants can also help with other important aspects of your life and home.

As-Needed Duties

Personal assistants in Highland Park, University Park and Preston Hollow can assist you in your work and responsibilities that aren’t always day-to-day. For example, you might need a personal assistant to:

  • Schedule appointments or make travel arrangements
  • Manage renovation, repair, or service work
  • Pay bills
  • Email personal and professional contacts
  • Answer the household phone
  • Plan and manage parties
  • Watch over your calendar
  • Help out with the household budget

A personal assistant’s duties are based on your specific needs. A good way to ensure the best performance possible is to outline every specific duty you need help with.

How Do We Find You the Best Personal Assistant?

We know that you want and deserve a top-quality personal assistant. We strive to provide the right professional to you with our rigorous screening process. Our owner, Carol Jones, personally looks over, recruits, and selects personal assistants up to her standards. We’ll also ensure that all qualified personal assistants have the right qualifications and experience as well as the right personality fit for you.

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