Hire a Nanny or Other Childcare Services in Highland Park, TX


(Live-In or Out)

Many families have demanding schedules or are two-parent working families and require full-time help with the children. Some families have a single parent as head of the household. Regardless of your dynamic, children who are not old enough to attend school require a caregiver whose focus is directed solely on the welfare and well-being of the child. In the case of older children, light household chores and/or errands may be required. Most frequently, the nanny cares for the children in the family’s home and undertakes all duties related to the care of the children, including* domestic tasks relating to the children. They may or may not have had any formal training, though often have a good deal of actual experience. Not a foreign Au Pair, many of our over 21 Elite Nannies have excellent language skills in Spanish, French, even Japanese, Mandarin, or Russian. Art, music, and athletics round out activities, as well as child development or special needs caregivers. Salary is based on experience.
Similar job description to an Elite Nanny, with the established and declared up-front housekeeping job duties well communicated to the candidate. Sometimes a hybrid role that transitions job duties with other paid household staff.
Nanny Manager
As children enter school, an Elite full-time Nanny is no longer needed. Families look for a professional who can pick children up after school, organize after-school activities provide errands, grocery shop, provide mature supervision and security while traveling, pull together a basic evening meal following the family’s favorite recipes and can combine with housekeeping. Salaries based on experience.
Mother's Helper
Lives in or out and works for a family to provide full or part-time childcare and cleaning help for families in which one parent is home most of the time. These positions are similar to full-time nannies, however at least one parent (usually the mother) does not work outside the home. This parent requires assistance in the care of the children and the household. The amount of emphasis placed on each of these roles for the parent and the nanny at any given time is contingent on the family’s needs and requires flexibility on any given day. Salary based on experience.

(Part-Time or Full-Time)

For families desiring a caregiver who is also an educator, these candidates typically possess a minimum of an undergraduate degree in childhood education or related field of study. Our Elite Governess caregivers plan and implement activities that are tailored to our Elite Family’s strategic goals and objectives. An Elite Governess will supplement or prepare the child’s mental, emotional, physical, as well as intellectual growth and development with the intention of enabling your children to excel. Salary is based on experience.
The Elite Tutor will tutor your child in order to improve their academic performance. They will work closely with both faculty and student to determine needs and extent of tutoring required. The Elite Tutor will have the knowledge of teaching techniques and academic programs and have skills both in verbal and written communication.
Special Needs
We understand the considerations and concerns related to finding an ideal person to care of your special needs child. He or she will be committed helping your child overcome the challenges of life by providing sincere and heartfelt social, educational, emotional and physical support. Your Elite Alternatives special needs caregiver will inspire your confidence and trust in their abilities.
A doula takes care of the mother, not the baby. A doula offers continuous presence and emotional care, comfort measures and an understanding of the laboring woman’s desires for her birth. Beside her partner there may be no other person to provide a continuous presence, and the doula, unlike a doctor, a nurse, or a midwife, has no other obligation during labor other than the woman in labor. A doula’s ability to remain calm and objective may prove invaluable. A doula’s purpose is to support women and their physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. A doula provides the mother with support before, during and after childbirth. Her job is to mother the mother. She will help you gather a birth plan and can also be in the delivery room. Many doulas specialize in the postpartum period. She offers guidance and encouragement for the mother as well as support for the parents, siblings and family members. She does not care for the baby. What are the duties of a doula?
  • Run errands
  • Light household duties
  • Prepare meals
  • Provide emotional support
  • Assist in breastfeeding
  • Help with Baby basics
  • Nurturing the family
Qualifications — A doula is trained in the following:
  • Postpartum depression
  • Basic baby care
  • Breastfeeding
  • Formula feeding
  • Caesarean section aftercare
What is the schedule? She will come over for a minimum of 4 hours per day.
Newborn Care (NCS)
The first 3 months of life are filled with milestones. Let our incredibly qualified and highly trained Elite Newborn Care Specialist give you and your baby the best start possible. If this is your first child, we’ll reassure and coach your new family to appreciate swaddling and sleep training. Some newborn specialists are lactation coaches as well. Our Elite Newborn Specialists transition into your Elite Nanny, as described below. Hours vary widely based on family desires, salary based on experience.
Pediatric Nurse
A Pediatric Baby Nurse is the right choice for you, if you have a newborn with special health challenges. The baby nurse is a registered nurse who comes to your home to care for your baby. Their duration depends on the severity of the health condition.
Pet Care
Pet sitting visits range from 30 minutes to full overnights and are usually done at roughly the same time each day to keep continuity for the animals. Time will be spent walking dogs, feeding animals, cleaning after them, cleaning out litter boxes or newspaper area, having TLC and playtime.
Senior Companion
An Elite Senior Care Companion is someone who is compassionate, reliable, knowledgeable, and most importantly, trustworthy. Elite Alternatives fines the absolute best Caregivers to provide seniors with assistance at home, giving their families peace of mind.

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